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Redu Operation services recrute


Description de l'offre

Within the Station Operations team of the Redu Station you
will work shift ( 12hours – 07.00am7.00pm or


You will be responsible for the effective operations & maintenance support and coordination for the station.

You will ensure that all operational requirements are carried
out in accordance with operational policy and procedures.

You will additionally support new station projects
Your Responsibilities :

You will monitor the alarms and take the appropriate actions•
in case of alarm, you will interface directly with the Security
Company in the monitoring of the alarm system.

You will interface with the ESA Head of the Redu station and
the Conseiller en Prévention Santé et Sécurite.
You will monitor the power plant system for all the station,
initiate and follow up on the appropriate actions in case of

anomaly and restart specific equipments in case of short

break failure;

You will support the Operations Team in case of anomaly

and extra support requested out of the normal working

hours( monitor equipments and alarms, perform daily tasks

for Mission Control Facility, log of the activities, configure

monitoring when needed, monitor modem status, generate

and send operational message (OSM))

You will assist with In orbit Testing as directed, test

execution out of the normal working hours and monitor the

correct execution of the automatic IOT tests out of the

normal working hours;

You will carry out preventive maintenance schedule (PM)

during periods when the equipment concerned in not

required for operations;

You will report any particular equipment deficiency and open

the distribution of Tickets for all systems;

You will ensure efficient and complete operational hand-over

to relieving shift;

You will maintain accurate logging of events during your shift

period in the provided logbook, and compile daily summaries

of operations and maintenance activities.

Complément d'information

Contrat à durée indéterminée.
Travail en équipe 24/24hrs 7j/7jours .

Personne de contact

Tél. :061/229518