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The ITC Unidata Technical Support is a 6 months position part of the International Technical Coordination (ITC) team and reports to the UniData Manager. The Technical Support has a strong functional link in the daily duties with the lead Technical Support.

UniData is MSF’s central supply article database that details all items available for the field and shares article changes within the Movement. The online platform of UniData gives an oversight on standard and non-standard articles available as resources for operations, in alignment with MSF guidelines and protocols. UniData went live in June 2016 with approximately 100 users will access the UniData platform.
The linkage system configured in Talend feeds directly 3 Supply centres systems, 3
Operational Centres field systems and an In Design server for Catalog publication. It also feeds in batch mode other Operational Centres field tools. The linkage system is based on Talend (ETL and ESB) technology by using available components. A few components have been improved in Java.
As part of the ITC team, the Technical Support Talend will have the responsibility of maintaining and improving the linkage system that is connecting UniData with multiple downstream systems.
The Technical Support Talend will be responsible for the level 2 support issues reported through the helpdesk. He/she will also review the current Talend jobs in order to rationalise and improve the re-use of components across jobs.

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Tél. :+3224753653

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