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CRIS recrute


Description de l'offre

The candidate must have a degree in computer science, and ideally have experience in projects involving graphical interfaces. Past projects may be presented: portfolio, software or web interfaces.
We demand technical knowledge on GUI and a good mastery of C++ and Python. Experience in optimisation algorithms is a plus.

The candidate will be motivated and able to come up with new ideas, and capable to work both independently and at distance.

Complément d'information

Fixed term contract: 18 months
Net pay: 2000€/month
Place of work: from home, at convenience in Belgium, with monthly meetings in Paris
Fixed expense allowances (travels, communications, etc.) will be compensated.
Contact: info@cris-nmr.com

In the recent years, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has progressively taken a crucial role in the study of neuromuscular diseases, both for the therapeutic follow up of patients and for a better understanding of the disease mechanisms. As a result, the amount of data to analyze has increased with the number of imaging devices. In many cases, certain manual operations, such as drawing Regions of Interest (ROI) on the images, are necessary to be able to exploit the data adequately. These tasks require considerable amounts of time and have become a major bottleneck in the analysis chain.
In this context, CRIS is specialized in developing algorithms and softwares to help researchers and clinicians to automate and accelerate these processes.
We are currently seeking a Computer Engineer to contribute to the development of a medical image processing software aiming at facilitating research on skeletal muscles.
Job duties include developing and maintaining a graphical user interface GUI that is the most user-friendly and efficient possible. Duties also involve participating in the design and the architecture of the software, which includes integrating processing algorithms (existing and future) as well as improving computation speed.

Personne de contact

Tél. :+33682273335