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Zängle Bernd recrute


Description de l'offre

Purpose of the role

Marketing is a field that demands high energy, good people skills, attention to detail and excellent oral and written communication skills. Your ability to incorporate these skills at work, combined with a drive to succeed, will help you to become a marketing coordinator: the person responsible for organizing promotional events, advertising and arranging marketing programs to help your business expand its clientele.

Responsibilities and key activities

• E-marketing
• Coordination of events (hotel, festive, charity…)
• Public Relations (journalist, press…)
• Monthly update of event calendar
• Vouchers
• Social medias
• Creation & promotion of packages
• Shooting & photo shooting
• Creation of collaterals (Brochure, Flyers, Slideshow…)
• Coordination Jazz program in the Loui Lounge Bar
• Coordinate memberships, sponsorships and barter agreements
• Basic knowledge of the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Brussels Graphic Standards
• Re-reading of documents
• Communicate Marketing initiatives in all the departments
• Internet researches
• Update of website and intranet
• Good relationship with the press to ensure their positive feedback
• Following a briefing, being able to draw the first draft of flyer, advertising
• Being aware of all the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s collaterals
• Update of marketing documents
• Coordinate global hotel database

Key skills and qualifications

• Marketing and sales awareness
• Excellent oral and written communication
• Multilingual (min. French and English)
• Good writer
• Organized and open minded
• Good presentation
• Flexible

Complément d'information

• No gratification
• Reimbursement of 70% for transport costs
• One meal at our cafeteria for each day working at the hotel

Personne de contact

Tél. :02 542 48 34

Zängle Bernd