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Description de l'offre

Who are we looking for? – You have outstanding intellectual and interpersonal skills. – You are open to personal growth. – You have a global mindset. – You have the desire and ability to make a difference as a leader. – Your behaviour is characterised by ethics, integrity and responsibility. – You have a good command of Dutch, French and English. – You have a Master’s degree – You have up to two years of professional experience.

Complément d'information

Your work environment at ING …

ING Belgium is, as the first universal direct bank, a strong player on the Belgian market. The Bank provides its customers with a wide rang of financial products and services via the distribution channel of their choice (click and face). Customers of ING Belgium are as well retail and private banking clients, as well as small, medium and large enterprises.

You will work together with motivated people from various areas of ING, such as Retail, Support, ITS, Product & Operations, Commercial Banking, etc.
With your colleagues from other countries, you will be included in the ING International Talent Programme on which, depending on your profile and career plan, you will follow the Retail Banking, Commercial Banking or IT route enabling you to acquire in-depth knowledge in these specific areas.

Management Traineeship 2014

ING approaches the Belgian banking market with an innovative business model. As part of this business model ING offers an equally innovative 5-years Management Traineeship, which has the ambition to boost your career from day one!
The start date of the Management Traineeship 2014 will be September 2014.
What can you expect from the Management Traineeship?
– Real responsibilities: you take on three real roles with real responsibilities.
– Accelerated rotation: you stay in each role for a limited period of time (12 to 18 months).
– A wide variety of experiences: you work with clients, you work in both support and front-office environments, and for some roles this might imply managing a team.
– A huge investment in development: mentoring by top management and a large amount of trainings.
– An international dimension: projects and training abroad allowing you to develop as a global citizen.
Why will this boost your career? 
– At ING, we believe in learning by doing. Directly taking on real responsibilities will accelerate your learning process and personal development.
– At ING, we believe in teamwork. To be a leader and a team player in a large organisation, you need to understand how teams work. That is why we want to give you an understanding of several teams in the different sections of the bank for you to become a future professional leader within our company.
– At ING, we believe in the importance of finding the right balance between autonomy and support. You immediately receive responsibilities and, in addition to the support provided by your direct manager (an ING role model), you will also be supported through intensive training. You can also count on a Talent Manager to guide you through the entire programme.
– At ING, we believe that you can learn from our leaders. That is why you will have a mentor assigned to you who is ranked among the top leaders of ING Belgium. He/she will help you to build a network in the organisation and to find your way within the world of ING.
– At ING, we believe in constructive relationships and networks. You will have plenty of opportunities to work closely with different people, all with diverse experiences and backgrounds. You will also be in very close contact with your fellow participants in the traineeship.
What would a possible scenario be when you sign up for the Management Traineeship?When you start, you will immediately take up your first role. This will happen in consultation with your Talent Manager. Next to the bank-technical training, you will receive training to acquire the skills required for your role and your manager and colleagues will support you in your day-to-day activities.
After 12 to 18 months, you will change roles for the first time, moving to another area in the bank.