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Fishing Cactus recrute


Description de l'offre

Description du poste

We are currently looking for a talented, enthusiast, and highly organized individual with demonstrable gameplay design experience to join our team on one of our top titles. More specifically, we are looking for a talent with a strong focus on high level programming and scripting. You will join teams on multiple game projects on a variety of platforms ranging from consoles, digital, mobile F2P games and more.

As a gameplay designer, you are part of the design team which oversees all the projects currently in production and in which you can give a creative, high level, input. Down the trenches, you are part of a production team, you are tasked to design, implement (script) and balance mechanics and systems. You are also tasked to communicate feature descriptions to the appropriate people. You finally integrate and test content and make sure the game meets the highest quality possible in the given time & budget.

As a gameplay designer you are an extent to programmers and can understand their language and translate it into working mechanics and formulas. You are not scared of getting your hands dirty in some scripting code and huge excel sheets full of balancing formulas.

You are rigorous enough to enforce processes and open minded enough to come up with solutions.

This is a full time position at our studio in Mons, Belgium for at least 6 months (long term contract possible at the end of the 6 months contract) and requires you to relocate (20 km from Valenciennes, north of France).

Profil du candidat


  • 3+ years experience as a game designer or in a technical role (Free to Play titles or Mobile titles are a strong plus)
  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent technical experience (as a programmer for example)
  • Meaningful experience and interest in working with very complex game systems (RPG, RTS, Simulation)
  • You are knowledgeable in high level programming, prototyping and you can demonstrate it (LUA, C#, ActionScript)
  • Meaningful experience working with databases (MySQL, SQL)
  • Meaningful experience in balancing games & integrating content
  • Experience with one or more Game Editing tools/middleware is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of content creation apps (Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Proficiency in the Office tools (Excel, Word, Visio, Powerpoint)
  • You can demonstrate a meaningful experience in working autonomously in a team of developers, sync people and be positive!
  • Highly capable of assessing product quality and drive it upwards
  • Highly autonomous, trustworthy and willing to work in a very flat hierarchy
  • You can speak and write English on a daily basis
  • Experience in Agile development environment (Kanban, Lean, SCRUM) is a plus

Your profile and soft skills

  • Can-do attitude, flexible to change, willing to daily challenge yourself and introduce new processes
  • Your motto is : « there is always something to improve »
  • You are a natural born cheerleader, you can motivate and encourage team members
  • As a game designer you understand that communication and people motivation is THE key to success
  • You are a people person, you can show ability to facilitate and mediate between all disciplines within the team
  • You have a passion for making good games and understand modern business models such as F2P

Informations supplémentaires

Here at Fishing Cactus, there’s no pure game designer. Instead the designer carries also some project management tasks as well as taking care of the playtesting process of the games he is working on. He’s definitely our Jack of all trades. At Fishing Cactus, we focus on small projects with highly autonomous teams.

A fournir

Resume – motivation letter – web site – references… A remote small game design test will be asked.
Vous pouvez postuler en Français mais l’Anglais est indispensable vu le contexte international de la société et le poste.
A l’attention de : Recruitment manager


Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus is a Belgian video game studio based in Mons founded in 2008 currently employing 30 talents. Our core titles are Creatures Online, Shift and Afterburner Climax mobile. More information on our website: http://www.fishingcactus.com

Personne de contact

Email :job@fishingcactus.com

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