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Noémie Roels recrute


Description de l'offre

  • You have experience establishing viable social media strategies. You also put your plans into practice and help others warm to your ideas.
  • Anticipation is part of your programming: you take a proactive approach to your work.
  • Team spirit flows through your veins.
  • You have a way with words. Whether written or spoken, you express yourself fluently in Dutch, French and English.
  • You and your smartphone are inseparable. You’re always up to date — or a step ahead — with trends in the digital world.

Complément d'information

As the largest bank in Belgium, we support more than 3.7 million customers: private individuals, families, youth, self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs. They rely on us for tailor-made solutions for all the important moments in their lives. Therefore, we create state-of-the-art innovative banking technologies, we maintain a 24/7 connection with our customers and we continuously innovate the way we work.

Be the leader of digital innovation at BNP Paribas Fortis and inspire others

In a changing world, designing tomorrow is both the most challenging and the most inspiring thing to do. We are challenging the way we work and the way we connect. Therefore, we need digital specialists who can shape the future of banking technology. Are you a leader in our digital revolution?

My future workplace

Social media: a passing fad or a powerful means of communication? It’s an absolutely vital part of our relationship with our clients at BNP Paribas. That’s why it’s equally important for us to find a Social Media Coordinator who makes sure BNP Paribas gets the most out of social media.

You keep the online community informed about our knowledge and expertise as well as the benefits of our services. You do this with flair, energy and enthusiasm. And your messages always hit home thanks to the help you receive from your colleagues in a variety of departments.

We split your tasks into three main areas:

  • You’re responsible for the coordination of social media

– You organise coaching and training sessions on social media for your colleagues from PB&WM.
– You’re the contact person for people in our online community. If questions are being asked on our Facebook page? You respond accurately with easy-to-understand answers. Plus, you direct curious readers to the appropriate agencies to learn more.
- You release your creativity in blogs, hubs and texts that we send out to our communities (Philanthropy and Next Generation).

  • You play a part in the development of social media strategy

– You help find a strategy that everyone rallies behind. You do this by working in close collaboration with the management of PB&WM and other departments.
– You’re responsible for the internal communication of the social media strategy.
– You’re the glue that holds the various departments together. You make sure that everyone is moving towards a common social media goal. You’re also the internal contact person for all matters related to social media.
– You and the sales team put your heads together for the development of an effective client-recruitment strategy.

  • You’re the ambassador for the Private Bank brand

– You create and look for content relevant to BNP Paribas Fortis PB&WM.
– You work with the Community Manager to draft a Social Media user manual for your colleagues.
– You’re always on the lookout for opportunities to promote the Private Banking & Wealth Management brand online.