Des étudiants du BAC informatique de Gestion du département de Charleroi se sont rendus début février au FOSDEM, salon à l’intention des développeurs de logiciels libres à Bruxelles.

Voici le compte-rendu que l’un d’entre eux en a fait… en anglais dans le texte !


Some of the Charleroi computing students visited the Fosdem. Read the account one of them gives of the event and have a look at the album.

 I was present at this event and I will here summarize my week end at geek land. 

The first day, I began by visiting a part of the stands which were presenting a lot of Linux distributions and open source projects. 

I also took part in a forum about « Ethic in the development of video games ».

This forum spoke about the increase of reality in games and the influence of this reality on children and finished on the idea that the problem is not only posed by video games but more globally because of the internet.

In the afternoon of this first day, I went to a devroom about the introduction of a new keyword in the Java virtual machine to improve its performance. The last event of this first day was a conference about the release of a new version of free BSD and the improvement of this new version.

The second day was a calmer one.

I began another time by visiting the stands with my colleagues to permit them to speak to the developers of the presented open source projects.

In the afternoon, we went to two conferences. The first one was about a new security tool for Linux. This tool (call Capsicum) permits to create automatically different environment in the operating system to avoid malicious software to steal information or to destroy completely the host system.

The second one spoke about the use of the Javascript language in the real world. The speaker made some material hacks and controls through Javascript language.

It was a very interesting talk with a lot of funny demonstrations.


L.E. Student in IT HELHa – Charleroi